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Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel IV - Dengeki PS Live #19

Sen no Kiseki Magazine Vol.5 On Sale Now. 1,580 yen.
Spoiler about Sen no Kiseki IV, President Kondo Interview, etc.
Memorial Ticket Holder

PS4 Original Theme, PS4 Original Avatar.

A bit of Kondo interview. The complete one is on the magazine.

The're in the step of planning the next stage, plot, etc for the next series.
They starting to see the next development and already going.

Erin Pendant for Rean
Pre-order opening soon
Necklace with adjuster, leather strap.
Materials: Silver(pendant & end parts & chain), crystal glass(right), polyester suede(strap).

Memorial Canvas Panel(Raiser)
Pre-order open now
Size: F10(530 x 455mm).
12,960 yen.

Memorial Plate Rean & Crow
Pre-order open now
Metal Plate with Acrylic Frame. Serial number and name for the buyer. Pre-order bonus: Celine figure(cat and human form).
Size: 89mm x 63.5mm(Plate).
9,720 yen.

Trading Acrylic Keyholder
Pre-order open now.
Each 810 yen. Complete Box each 9,720 yen.

Pre-order open now.
Left - B2 Tapestry. 3,240 yen.
Top right - Acrylic Figure El Prado. 1,728 yen.
Bottom - Crow 50 Mira Coin. Size: 25mm x 2mm. 864 yen.

Crow's Pendant. Available to Purchase at Comiket 95.

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