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Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel III, IV Translation Plugin

A PS4Macro plugin (Windows) for playing Sen no Kiseki III and IV with the translation spreadsheet by /u/kitsune547.

- Load the whole translation and choose your current chapter.
- The last line is always saved, chapter and spreadsheet wise.
- Transparent DialogBox, only the text is shown.
- Blank line in spreadsheet? Blank DialogBox!
- Remembers the location of the DialogBox, so no need to reposition on every start.
- Progress through the translation and the in-game dialog via one keyboard press.
- Fast load last selected spreadsheet with the click on a button.

- Arrow Key Down: Next Line and simulate press of ○ (Circle).
- Arrow Key Right: Next Line
- Arrow Key Left: Previous Line
- Arrow Key Up: Simulate press of ○ (Circle)
- Key End: Show/Hide Speaker Name
- Key Page Down: Show/Hide all the text
- Key Delete: Show/Hide the extra text
- Key Home: Show/Hide the taskbar

How does Simulate press of ○ (Circle) works
The DialogBox shows the text not instanly, but in the same fashion as the game (it gets build up in a second or so, see the gif below for visualization). While I did try to match the timing of the text to the timing in the game, it only lines somewhat up if there are no cuts or something other in between the dialogs. To have the best "in-sync" experience, one should press the Arrow Down Key after both dialogs are completly displayed (again, look at the video down below, each advance there is only one press of Arrow Key Down).

The Arrow Key Down press mimics the behaviour of the Circle press in the game, this specifically means:

- If one presses Arrow Key Down while the text in the DialogBox is not completly shown, the text will instantly be shown, but no advance to the next line happens
- This is the same behaviour, as when one presses Circle in the game, while the text is not fully shown
- If one presses Arrow Key Down while the text in the DialogBox is completly shown, the text will advance to the next line
- A Circle press is always simulated, regardless of the state of the text

After some feedback, I realize that this behaviour (not always advancing, but first showing the full text) can cause confusion. Therefore it is possible that this will change in the future.

1. Download and install/extract PS4Macro
2. Download the latest release of this plugin from the tags page
3. Extract the downloaded release in a folder, the folder should contain two dlls.
4. Start PS4 Remote Play, start PS4Macro

5. Load the script (ColdTranslation.dll) via PS4Macro
   - A ShortCut to PS4Macro with a Target of G:\Path\To\PS4Macro.exe --StartupFile="G:\Path\To\ColdTranslation.dll" Allows the plugin to be loaded directly
6. Click the start button

7. Reposition the PS4Remote Play window and the DialogBox however you like (by click_drag anywhere near, not on, the grey background/label)
   - If the plugin is stopped via the Ps4Macro stop button, the location of the DialogBox window is saved
8. Load a translation spreadsheet by fast-loading the last one or picking one via the dialog
   - The spreadsheet must be in XLSX format, obtain by downloading from the Google Spreadsheet
9. Choose the worksheet to load
10. Make sure the DialogBox has focus
   - Click on the DialogBox (on a label) last to give it focus
   - It needs focus for the keyboard commands to work
   - If the DialogBox is invisible, because there is no text to show, Alt-Tab to it to gain focus
11. Play the game via controller, progress through dialog via the arrow keys
   - Progressing through the dialog via the Arrow Key Down allows one to progress mostly in sync with the game dialog.
   - Out-of-sync errors can be corrected by using the other arrow keys.

Known Bugs and Limitations
- This is an alpha release! Although I played Sen III from Ch3 to the End without major problems, things may be broken!
- The DialogBox window needs focus to work.
- The DialogBox is designed with a resolution of 1920x1080 in mind.
- Due to the structure of the spreadsheet for Sen III, it is not always possible to determine the speaker. In Sen III speaker mode, the script currently always shows the last explicitly stated name, which makes system messages etc. have a speaker name too. A little flexibility is made possible via the Show/Hide Speaker shortcut. This is no issue in Sen IV speaker mode, as the Sen IV spreadsheet has the speaker on every line.
- The location if the DialogBox window is only saved, if one stops the script via the Stop Button of PS4Macro (not by closing directly). This seems to be a limitation of PS4Macro and/or my current knowledge of C# Desktop development. After saving once, the DialogBox is auto repositioned on start to this location.
- Currently this plugin is written solely for the Sen no Kiseki III and IV translation spreadsheet by /u/kitsune547.
- Currently, only the A, B and C cells are displayed, A is assumed to contain the speaker, B the speech and C further Notes etc. Furthermore, the first two rows are assumed not to be speech. Most of the time this works out, so far I only saw a few instances where further cells have been used. (The Prologue sheet of the Sen III and Sen IV translation is therefore broken for a few lines, just progress manually via Arrow Key Right to the first correct line)
- If there is no blank line in the spreadsheet during a cutscene change, the first line of the upcoming cutscene will be spoilered on progression (this sounds worse than it actually is during gameplay).
- There is a risk of spoilering the answers to the questions or selecting a false one. The plugin is written with a normal pace of play in mind, hammering down on the forward button can lead to unexpected results.
- Dragging the DialogBox only works when click-and-hold not on one of the labels.
- As the DialogBox needs focus, the TaskBar is still shown. The plugin circumvents this by hiding the taskbar on start and re-hiding on exit. Force closing the program can lead to an invisible TaskBar! (Troubleshoot: Restart the plugin and close correctly.)
- It is not pretty.
- There may be memory leaks.
- It is not possible to quickly skip-read ahead like with the spreadsheet on a separate monitor.
- All kinds of things will break if another XLSX file besides the Sen no Kiseki III/IV translation spreadsheet is loaded. Or not a spreadsheet at all.

v0.6.0 - ALPHA: Add shortcut for showing/hiding the taskbar
v0.5.0 - ALPHA: Add Speaker-Mode selection (no more guessing needed for Sen4)
v0.4.0 - ALPHA: Add "Hide Extra" shortcut
v0.3.1 - ALPHA: BREAKING Function of Arrow Key Up changed to simulate Circle press
v0.2.0 - ALPHA: Add "Hide All Text" Shortcut
v0.1.0 - ALPHA: First public release