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[Rumor] The Last Story II For Switch

"I'm making a thread for this specific rumor for multiple reason:
- Mediamarkt is a site that is usually reliable and has leaked in the past listings of real game
- It's from this same site that Assassin's Creed Collection for PS4/One/Switch possibly leaked and that one is pretty likely
- The Game Awards are in a few days and may be an explanation as to why it leaks
- Nintendo renewed the The Last Story trademark last night
- There's a placeholder box art and user took a screenshot with the view zoomed in

But there's also some critical points against it:
- You can't access the URL and it's impossible to determine if the page was taken down after being online for more than 17 hours of if it never existed in the first place
- There's no EAN number associated with the page
- The source is a reddit user that never posted before, so no way to tell if it's reliable.

So I'll let mods judge if it's worth discussing it or not."