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3 Main Char.



Progress Chart Example
Chap.1 - Mikhail, Chap.2 - Olga, Chap.3 - Mikhail again.
Items not taken by Mikhail in Chap.1 will still be there in Chap.2 even when the different.  Items taken by Mikhail in Chap.1, carryover to Chap.3 where you play as Mikhail again.

Every char.are the same but each char. have a few unique skills. For example, Olga can stun.

There'll be choices to choose. The choices influence the story, dialogue, ending.
Choose whether to save others or abandon them.

The fate of others influenced by player's choice. The NPC can die for example.
Save or abandon.

The game begins with the player driven into a corner. Bullet in front of the player but if you're going to take it, the enemies will shoot.
It's hard to fight from the front.
This game is not a shooting game. Fighting with gun is one of the choices.
Difficulty like Easy, Very Hard. Can be changed anytime.

Player only have a few ammunitions. If you explore, you could find weapons, bullets but there's risk in that like can be find by the enemies.

Red circle on the map is dangerous, orange is safer but there may be a few enemies. Blue circle is kind of safe.
It's possible to create a diversion in area A. That will cause enemies in area B reduced.

See the situation, find the way to deal with it.
Find the route to escape, set trap, etc.
Because the limited resources, the way to deal with the situation will also changed.

Create trap from material items.

Panzer is dangerous, it's almost impossible to defeat. Player can take the Panzer.

Klyuch from pre-order bonus is stronger than one in the game.

Complete Guide + Material Settings.
Release: 28 February 2019.
Price: 2,200 yen + tax.
B5 size, 192 pages, All Colors.
Product Code: Revival Item x 2. Limited quantity in the game. Can't create in game.

Pre-order at PlayAsia:
Complete Guide + Material Settings JP