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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Haseo 5th Form Acrylic Stand, Other Goods

Size: 100mm x 115mm.
Price: 3,000 yen.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Complete Setting Materials Special Edition(Setting Materials, Replica of Voice Recording Book-Main Scenario and Parody Mode, Acrylic Plate, 6 Can Badge)
・Voice Recording Book: B5 size/monochrome/164 pages.
・Acrylic Plate: A5 size.
・6 Can Badge: 3 44mm, 3 32mm.
Price: 7,000 yen.

Hosokawa Seiichiro
For those who bought 5,000 yen or more will get Cyber Connect 2 Main Illustrator Hosokawa Seiichiro mini signboard. Limited quantity.

Other goods:

Goods available at CC2 Booth @ Comiket 95(29 December 2018 ~ 31 December 2018). Booth no.3243.

29 December 2018 ~ 14 January 2019. Get Below Mini Signboard as Bonus From Gamers, Kotobukiya.

Special Edition

Special Edition