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DFFNT Online Stream - FFX-3 Question

Kouno Marika(Sophie seiyuu in Mobius Final Fantasy, fan of FFX) asked Kitase Yoshinori「Aside from X-2, spin-off, sequel, did you consider it in a form of DLC or something?」
Kitase: When voice drama in X HD Remaster decided, the staff asked if they want to make X-3 but because they're busy, it didn't come to realisation. Nomura drew the illustration for the voice drama(above) 「Post-Tidus and Post-Yuna」
DFF Kujiraoka Director: Please make this as alternate costume for them. Nomura told him 「Of course after X-3 has been released」, he answered 「Right!」.
Kitase: Please imagine what's happen in X-3 while looking at the illustration with the current info.