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Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, NT Livestream 15 October 2018

Hazama P Is In US

Shinnosuke. He was the one in charge for Dissidia on Famitsu. But now he joins Square Enix. In Charge of Management in Dissidia Team.

- Arcade Update Info 16 October 2018.
- NT Update Info 18 October 2018.
- Tournament & Event Info.
- News Corner.

Character Adjustment
 Arcade 16 October 2018. NT Late November 2018.

Stage Adjustment

Insomnia. Scene At The Beginning of Battle Pattern Deleted. Only Has 2 Patterns Now.

Reward Re-run.

16 October 2018 8:00 JST ~ 30 October 2018 5:59 JST.

System Related

Play Mode Selection Cursor Now Moves Automatically By How Many Coins You Inserted.

Player Icon-Kam'lanaut

Player Icon Gacha #16

Free Update

Insomnia Stage

New Story. Kam'lanaut Added As Enemy In Some Course.

New Battle BGM At Treasure, Shop.

EX Skill Adjustment

Room Match Watching View

Official 1 Day Tournament 2018 & 3 Years Anniversary Event

For Participants. Special Cards for FFTCG. Random.

Title Acrylic Keyholder

All 32. Random.

Registration Deadline 17 October 2018 23:59 JST.

By Nomura Tetsuya