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Star Ocean Program #31


New Event. 27 September 2018 After Maintenance ~ 18 October 2018 Until Maintenance.

Event Reward

Item Reward

New Stamp

Pickup Gacha-27 September 2018 After Maintenance ~ 11 October 2018 Until Maintenance

New Event-Raid
Get Casino Chip pieces from Battle Mission. Turns pieces to Casino Chip. Trade Casino Chips to get Event Reward.
Collect Casino Chip pieces to raise Item Gauge. When the gauge max, raid occurs. Clear the raid to get Casino Chips.
Clear more than 1 min get 30.
Clear in or less than 30 sec get 90.

Awakening Char-Cliff

Pickup Gacha-Cliff. 27 September 2018 ~ 11 October 2018 After Maintenance. Get 10 Awakening Program Beta (Green) Every Multi Pull.

Battle Simulator. Select From Character Menu.

Equipment Storage. Max 100.

Twin Eclipse Chapter 3. 9 October 2018 0:00 JST.

Present For Viewers

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