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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival Official Livestream 11 September 2018

- Arcade 19 September Update Info
- NT 20 September Update Info
- Tournament, Event Info
- News Corner

The update is late this time because debug team is in Hokkaido. Hokkaido got hit by earthquake last week. ROM is not ready yet.

New Battle BGM

Arcade 19 September 2018. NT Late October 2018.
Available to Buy From Sanctuarium.
New Season Pass Character-Kam'lanaut From Final Fantasy XI. CV: Mikami Satoshi.

Kam'lanaut Movelist

1st For

2nd Form

1st-4th Weapon

Reward Part 14

Original Player Icon

Original Title

Title For High Level Players, Player Icon

19 September 2018 8:00 JST ~ 3 October 2018 5:59 JST.

NT 20 September 2018 Update

Adjustments-Firion, Squall Refresh.

Arcade Link

Titles That You Can Carryover From Arcade

Bottom: Carryover Theatrhythm BGM To NT.

Tournament, Event Info

Title For Participants

Dissidia 3rd Anniversary Event. 10 November 2018.
Special Livestream, Tournament Day 1, etc
Free admission.
Venue: Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo

Limited SP Icon for Participants. 1 For Each Person. Can Carryover To NT.

SE App

Amusement Center September Prize. FF All Stars Blanket

FFXI Player Icon From Famitsu 20 September 2018.

Niconico Premium Member Player Icon. Until 10 October 2018.
Twitter Icon Present. 18 September 2018

Moogle Twitter Icon

Suitcase Belt(Mascot Character). October 2018. 3,024 yen.

2th Anniversary SP NESiCA. Pre-reg On FF Portal Apps. For 68 Persons.

Present For 3 Persons.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival
Character Platinum Medal Title. Total 22. 20 September 2018. 500,000 Gil.

2nd Anniversary Title. 22 September 2018 ~ 30 September 2018.

New Medley

26 September 2018. Difficulty 16.

OST. 27 September 2018 on iTunes, mora, etc. Album 600 yen. Single Track 200 yen.

Update-19 September 2018

New Trigger-Slide Hold Trigger.

Slide Hold Trigger Implementation

4 Trigger Simultaneous Press

New BGM 19 September That'll Use Slide Hold Trigger. Return of the Warrior-FFIII, Attack Team-FFT, Prelude-FF

Trigger Sound Change

Jacket Collection

New Mark

Follow Icon

Matching Bonus If You Meets Official Staff, Follow User.

Play Status Info. Raid Boss Appears, Official Staff Matching Bonus, Follow Matching Bonus, etc

New Title For Those Who Gets 9999999 Score 50 Times.

Adjustments For Unlocking BGM Using Sound Medals. Max Char.Level Increased to 160.

Player Point Reward-Limited Moogle Style. 1 September 2018 ~ 30 September 2018.

12 September New BGM

Which Job Do You Choose-Job Battle 5. Profile Card Ultros-FFVI, Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony For Prize. 12 September 2018 8:00 JST ~ 25 September 2018 23:59 JST.

Homework BGM Ranking. Get Ranking Title. 19 September 2018 ~ 2 October 2018.

Carryover BGM To NT. 2 BGM Every Week.