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Sword Art Online Memory Defrag x Tales of The Rays Collaboration

Memory Defrag

Clear Event Quest to Get Sorey. Milla as Login Bonus.

Kirito x Judas Costume(Tales of Destiny 2)

Asuna x Velvet Costume(Tales of Berseria)

Sinon x Alisha Costume(Tales of Zestiria)

Leafa x Milla Costume(Tales of Xillia)

Silica x Meredy Costume(Tales of Eternia)

Event Boss-Barbatos(Tales of Destiny 2)

Fight Kirito-Judas Costume in Prologue Quest to Get Diamond, Medalion. Until 31 August 2018.
 The Rays

Mileena(Tales of The Rays) x Leafa Costume

Rita(Tales of Vesperia) x Sinon Costume

Colette(Tales of Symphonia) x Yuuki Costume

Prologue Quest. Clear To Get Kirito, Asuna Limited Gacha Ticket. Until 30 August 2018.

Defeat Barbatos in Memory Defrag->The Rays Rewards. Defeat Gleam Eyes in The Rays->Memory Defrag Rewards.

Raid Point. Accumulated From All Users.

Watch Videos Featuring Seiyuus From Each Game In The Apps.

Follow @talesof_therays and @saomd_gameinfo and RT this, this To Get Mileena & Asuna Seiyuu's Signboard Illustration for 2 Persons.

RT this, this To Get Silica, Mileena Seiyuu's Signboard Illust.  For 2 Persons. Until 31 August 2018 14:59 JST.

Free First 10 Draw For Both Game.

Collab.Event Begins 17 August 2018 11:00 JST.
Guest Signboard Collab.Poster.