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Star Ocean Program #30

30 August 2018 After Maintnance ~ 20 September 2018 Before Maintenance.

Event Reward

Item Reward

New Stamp

30 August 2018 After Maintenance ~ 13 September 2018 Before Maintenance.

Awakening Char-Emmerson

Pickup Gacha-Emmerson. 30 August 2018 After Maintenance ~ 13 September 2018 Before Maintenance. Bonus Multi Draw-Awakening Program(Blue) x10.

Twin Eclipse Chap.2 Release 3 September 2018 0:00 JST.

From Chap.2, Tika as Playable Character.

Episode 2 Mission Only Char, First Multi Role Char, Unique Traits.

Clear Chap.2 First Mission To Get Tika.

Can be set as Rental Char. There're missions that need to use Tika.
Aside from that, can be set as Rental Char, Assist Char.

Once you reach 6* Tika, can change her role. No demerit from role change. Some moves, talent may change depends on role. Role can be changed from equipment menu.

Chap.2 Reward. Possible To Equip On Other Char.

1. Can see latest friend that you used.
2. Assist Skill hold on/off. Usually to activate Assist Skill, you need to hold the icon.
3. Set symbol in party edit.
4. Can use tickets like in normal draw. 1 ticket or 10 tickets.

September: Battle Simulator, Storage, Raid Event.
October: Home Voice, Halloween #2, Chap.3
November, December: Char. Voice Change, Char.Relationship, Christmas #2, Chap.4, 5.

Battle Simulator/Training Mode. Can Fills Rush Gauge, Trying Various Char, Skill Composition.

Storage. Can Send Equipment to Storage(Max 100). Can Send Gacha Result To Storage Temporary. There's An Option To Turn On Temporary Storage.

Tika Signboard As Present.

Available to Buy At SE e-Store.

Pre-order Opens Now At SE e-Store. Release 19 October 2018.

Butlers Cafe Swallowtail.

Next Stream Next Month.