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Idola Phantasy Star Saga Official Livestream

Pre-reg Reached 100.000.

Law and Chaos

Kuna Sign For 3 Persons.
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Law. Support, Recover.

Chaos. High Attack Power, Inflict Status.

Neutral. Can Be Put In Either Party.

Command RPG. Attack Target Enemy Weakness Automatically. It's Possible To Target Enemy Manually. 2x Speed, Auto Battle, Skip Elemental Blast/Special Move Scene.

Characters That Took A Turn, Defeats Enemy Will Get Element Corresponds With Enemy Element. Normal Attack May Get Stronger.

Change To Law/Chaos Party in Battle Anytime.

Everytime You Changes Party, They'll Do Reverse Rush/All-Out Attack. Saves Turn To Increase Damage. Reverse Rush Also Gives Buffs.

Elemental Blast.

Deal Damage to Enemy And Recover Party HP.

Deal Big Damage to 1 Enemy.

Each Char.Have Different Elemental Blast.

Stella Chaos.

You Can Choose Law or Chaos. It's Possible To Reset With Item.

Char.Appearances, Illust.Will Change.

Effect, Skills Visual Change Too.

Change Chaos Wizard to Law To Get Attack Power Increase. Change Law Knight to Chaos To Get Defense Increase, etc.

Char.Story Will Change Too.

Idola Battle/Raid Battle.

Each Player(8 Members Party)Can Turns Into Idola. Each Leader Can Change To Different Idola.

Aries-DEF, Recover, Leo-Big Damage, Gemini-Combination Attack.

Chamaileon-Change Target's Element, Lupus, Ketos.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Online pre-reg combined with Idola. Get reward for both games.
Twitter Follow & RT #2. Sign for 3 persons each.