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Dissidia Final Fantasy Livestream 7 August 2018

Kujiraoka D only slept for 2 hours.

Arcade Update Delayed to 10 August 2018.

Arcade 10 August 2018 Update Info.

New Stage-Insomnia from XV.
Arcade 10 August 2018. NT Late October 2018.

Characters Adjustments. 10 August 2018 for Arcade. Late September 2018 for NT.

Tournament Mode. Now You Can Get EXP, Gil.

Reward Revival for Arcade.

10 August 2018 8:00 JST ~ 24 August 2018 5:59 JST.

Player Icon Gacha Part 15.
Rinoa Paid DLC 800 yen+tax. 1st Form A, B, C. 3 Weapons. 9 Symbol Chat.

2nd Form 300 yen+tax.

Rinoa 4th Weapon-Cardinal 100 yen+tax.
NT Free Update
Akademeia Fountain Courtyard Stage from Type 0.

New Story. Rinoa Added to Rush Battle Enemy.

Characters Adjustments(Some of Arcade 14 June 2018 Update + 12 July 2018, 25 July 2018 Update).

Class Point in Character Customize.

Cursor Defaults to Ready in Class Match(Party)'s Party Matching.

Can Set COM Class in Room Match.

Battle Give Up in Rush Battle. You'll Still Get Score, Reward At That Point.

Added Summon Button Placement. L1+R1.


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Pocket Watch Vol.2.

Opera Omnia Trading Arts. 8,000 yen+tax.

Bring Arts Odin. 29,800 yen+tax.