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Sword Art Online Livestream 4 July 2018

SAO Integral Factor

Until 11 July 2018 Maintenance. Big Update #3. Guild Event Open Now.

Event Limited Item.

From 4 July 2018.

4 July ~ 18 July 2018. Summer Strengthen Event #1. Scenario Event.

Get a Lot of Strenghthen Materials and Limited Avatar Item.

New Item-Fireworks. Players Given 100 Fireworks Item.

4 July ~ 18 July 2018. SummerStrengthen Event #2. Daily Campaign.

Summer Daily Campaign. Quest Changes Everyday. Top(Monday)-Bottom(Sunday).

11 July 2018 ~. Summer Strengthen Event #3. Evolve Campaign.

Late July. Main Quest-Aincrad Floor 9.

Sinon Make an Appearance in Floor 9.

Can Charge Attack.

Summer Beach Order Open Now.

Until 15 July 2018. Login Bonus.

SAO Memory Defrag

Scout. Until 31 July 2018.

SAO Memory Defrag EXQ Figure~Asuna~. Size 21 cm. Available in Game Center From 19 July 2018.

Twitter Campaign. Follow and RT to Enter. Until 8 July 2018 23:59 JST.

Login Bonus. Until 31 July 2018 23:59.

Diamond Sale Campaign. Until 7 July 2018. 2 Times for Each Person.

New Event. Guild Raid Event.

SAO Fatal Bullet
DLC #2 Available Now.

Home Improvement.

Accessory Strengthen and Remodelling.

Afasys Personality Change.

Free Update Summary #1

Free Update Summary #2

Online VS Mode-Free For All. 8 Players as Enemies.

Online VS Hero Battle Room Changed to Lobby. Can Change Char. Appearance.
Paid DLC Contents. Next DLC is The Last.

Season Pass Weapons. Guitar Rocket Launcher, Photon Sword(Pink, Green) Can be Bought in Rank8 Shop.
Winner Screenshot Contest. The Winner Got Signboard.

SAO Fatal Bullet Demo Session.
Period: Middle of July ~ Late July 2018.
Place: BNE Meeting Rooms(@Tamachi).
Demo Playtime: 3-4 Hours.
Content: DLC Part 3 ROM.
Participants chosen through Twitter DM. Around 20 persons.
They want the participants to give feedback from the demo.

Strea Birthday Date Decided from Survey. 6 November.
 Choice A: Original SAO Service Begin Date(6 November 2022).
             B: SAO Infinity Moment Release Date.
             C: Secret.

Create your Original Character.
Selected design will be clean up by SAO Anime Team. May appear in Game, Anime.
- 4 Avatar(1 Avatar for each series).
- Aincrad Chap., Fairy Dance Chap., Phantom Bullet Chap., Alicization Chap.
- Period: Early August 2018.
 More detail will be revealed in SAO FB website.


Dengeki Comics Mangaka To Make Support Illust. Plan.