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Game Freak Matsuda Junichi Interview About Pokemon Let's Go! Summary

- Let's Go! graphic made to look fantasy not reality so new players doesn't get surprised.
- Sounds created with classic instruments, gentle world setting as a base.
- Kageyama Shota still in charge to compose the music.
- The reason wild Pokemon battle removed from this game is to make more Pokemon fans enjoy this game's content.
- Maybe some of the players have some part of the game that have bad reception but they will accept the feedback for next Pokemon game.
- No big changes for the story, just a few additional changes.
- Training similar to Pokemon GO. Eventhough battle UI changed, the main logic is the same.
- Pokemon GO CP and Let's GO CP are not the same.
- Even if the level is the same, they may have different CP that make them have higher stats. Traditional series fan can understand how strong the Pokemon is easily.
- Wild Alola form Pokemon doesn't appear but you can befriend them from Pokemon GO. You can get them from traditional way.....maybe.
- You can bring Pokemon from Pokemon GO after you reached Fuchsia City.
- The game have replay value.
- If you catch a lot of kanto region Pokemon on Pokemon GO, you will get something nice.