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Pokeball Ring Box, Pikachu Electric Motive Ring

Poke Ball Accessory Case

Eevee and Friends Jewellery Cloth.

Material options for Rings:
Platinum 950 and K18 Yellow Gold for 115,000 yen, 135,000 yen,
K18 White Gold and K18 Yellow Gold version for 109,000 yen, 128,000 yen,
Platinum 83,000 yen, 98,000 yen,
K18 White Gold 73,000 yen, 88,000 yen,
K18 Yellow Gold 73,000 yen, 88,000 yen,

Poke Ball Accessory Case-12,960 yen.

Eevee and Friends Jewellery Cloth-1,080 yen.