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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Duralumin Card Case

"This product is an elegantly laser-etched card case made with duralumin, a material with a high-class appearance. The duralumin comes in cute colors like champagne gold and rose gold, and the laser-etched design is delicate and detailed. The case features elegant motifs of Sakura’s magic circle, which appears when she calls forth her magic, as well as her Sealing Wand."

"Since it uses tough yet flexible duralumin, the card case is extremely durable. The bearings move using direct driving force, leading to a surprisingly smooth opening and closing action. Of course, there’s a latch mechanism so your cards don’t go flying. It is 91x51 mm with a width of .25mm and can fit roughly 15 cards of normal size. It’s designed so you can place the business cards you receive at the bottom of the case so you don’t have to fumble when exchanging cards."

PO period: ~ 31 August 2018 23:59 JST.
Expected delivery: late October 2018.
Price: 12,800 yen + tax.
Materials: Duralumin alloy A2017S, stainless steel.
Pattern number: (undecided)
Size: 9 x 110 x 62mm.
Weight: 62g.