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[Updated Video, Link]Play Arts Kai - Final Fantasy VII ADVENT CHILDREN: Cloud Strife & Fenrir

Fenrir's characteristic streamline form, scarf, pipes from the engine and flamed look are all recreated and make the figure seem real.
The fusion sword can be held or stored, the battle motorbike was recreated with attention to detail, and Cloud's goggles and cellphone as seen in the film are all included. This is luxurious set that lets you really feel those memorable scenes!

Pre-painted Complete Action Figure.
Size: Cloud: Approx. 98mm x D52mm x H277mm / Fenrir: Approx. W170mm x D445mm x H180mm
Material: PVC
Battery Type: Button Battery (LR44) x3 (sold separately)
*Light-up function (head light and tail light)

Price: 29,400 yen.
Release: October 2018.

WANT! But that price.........