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Million Arthur Series Livestream

Kou-Kyou-Sei Million Arthur
Players request you can make the chest smaller. Left: CBT ver. Right: Newer ver.

Jobs that player used during CBT.

Top 3 Arthur Rank in CBT.

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur
New main char.Renkin Arthur. New Scenario and Exclusive Quest.

Renkin Arthur Solo Quest.

Renkin Arthur summon cards, Arthur act as support. If Arthur HP is 0, you lose.

Left: Summon that have effects.
1 time only per battle. Doesn't come back when redraw.
Max 5 cards in deck.
Cost 1.
Always draw in turn 1.
All cards can evolve to highest rarity.

Right: Summon that have no effect.
Appears in redraw.
Doesn't have limit how much can be put in 1 deck.
Have useful effect like Attack, Support, Recover, Defense but the effect lower.
Lv max from the beginning.

New cards

Big Update Campaign. From 6 July 2018. Get Gacha Ticket depends on how much you have cards collection.

Re:Zero Collab.Revival. New Illust., Adjustments.

3D Boss, Support Fairy-Rem. August 2018.

Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur Closed Beta Test. 27 June 2018 16:00 JST for Android.

27 June 2018 16:00 ~ 5 July 2018 15:59 JST. Limited to 5,000 persons. Requirement: Android 4.4.2 or higher, 2GB RAM or higher. Need Square Enix Members.

CBT Present Campaign. 13 July 2018 23:59 JST. For CBT players, answer the survey question to get GooglePlay Giftcard, Seiyuu signboard.



Magic Type DPS.

Middle Range Debuffer.

Middle Range and Healer.

Long Range Melee DPS.

Million Arthur Arcana Blood poster(Arcade game)