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Inazuma Walker 29 June 2018

Japan Representative Eleven. Based on the Real Players.

Yokai Watch Puni Puni x Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin. 1 July 2018 ~ 16 July 2018.

Eleven Band Sales Start 30 June 2018. Get Haizaki License on some of the Stores. Limited Quantities. 6,264 yen each.

Eleven License & Student Book File Set
- Student Book File.
- Limited Eleven License Uniform Ver.
- Limited Eleven Pre-Ca Parallel Uniform Ver.
Price: 3,024 yen each.
Pre-order period: Until 9 July 2018 13:00 JST.
Release: Late October 2018.

Inazuma Eleven Fes 2018+Japan Representative Announcement. 26 August 2018 at Belle Salle Takada Baba.

Date: 26 August 2018.
First time : Enter 12:30/Begins 13:30/End 15:15.
Second time: Enter 16:15/Begins 17:15/End 19:00.
Venue: Belle Salle Takada Baba B2 Event Hall.
Price: Ticket with Goods: 8,500 yen. Regular Ticket: 6,500 yen.

Live Viewing. Detail on the Website.

Goods Sales. Detail on the Website.

Inazuma Eleven Cast Talk Session.

Original Short Drama.

Special Live
Newspaper That You Can Get at Convenience Stores, Kiosk. Kansai, Kanto. 2 July 2018.