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Sword Art Online 1/1 Elucidator Replica

Full color super luminosity LED
The entire blade is covered with over 2,000 full color LEDs to produce a dazzling radiance that does not lose its visual impact even in full daylight.

Acceleration sensor & Voice recognition
An internal 6-axis sensor (acceleration, angular velocity) detects sword movement as the sword shines and emits sounds from the built-in speaker according to how it is wielded and swung.You can activate effects such as "Sword burst stream", one of Kirito's sword skills, and change the way the sword shines and sounds.

Connected with smartphone
Various settings can be done from a smartphone (wireless LAN connection). Sound effects linked to sword movements can also be played from smartphones.
Connecting your smartphone to an external speaker makes it possible to produce loud sounds from the sword even in places where the surroundings are noisy like a "cosplay event".

    Dimensions: W170mm×D47mm ×H1125mm
    Weight: 1.1kg
    Power: Lithium-ion battery

    Wireless Connectivity: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    Application OS Compatibility: Android, iOS
    Price: TBD

*Subject to change during development.

Release 2018.