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[Updated w/Trailer]Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match Live Stream

PO Bonus #1-Ooarai School Costume for Rival Schools.

PO Bonus #2- Ankou Team Winter Costume.

PO Bonus #3-Shimada Alice Ooarai School Costume.

Limited Edition:
- Special Contents Blu-ray Disc.
- Dream Tank Book.
- 5 Special Clear Sheet.
- Game Software.

22 February 2018 Release. English Sub(Asia) Release 27 February 2018.

Single Player Mode:
1. Impression Mode.
2. Competition Mode.
3. Extra Mission.

4. Online Match. Max 10 players.
1. Impression Mode. Setting takes place in the Movie.

2. Competition Mode. Play each School with Original Story.

Stage, School Enemy, Rule selected at random.

3. Extra Mission

4. Online Match. 5 vs 5.

Tank Customization.

More than 40 Tanks.

More than 30 Captain.

More than 60 Crews.

Each Captain have Skills.

Also Panzer High.

Find and Shoot Hidden Boko to Get Tank Customization Color, Decal, etc.

Final Chapter Ep.1 BD&DVD Release 23 March 2018. Booklet(48p).
BD Limited Edition:
- Stage Greeting.
- Ooarai Fall Festival 2017.
- 21th Ooarai Ankou Festival.
- Ceremony, Talk Show with Stage Greeting.
- New The Humble Yukari Akiyama's Tank Corner.
- Producer Goes to Tank Museum(Bovington Camp in Dorset, South West England).
- Dance Movie PV & Making Video.

- DTS Headphone:X.
- Cast Commentary.
- Military Commentary.

Limited Edition.
Amazon-BD 8,300 yen + tax/DVD 6,300 yen + tax.
Sasaki Akebi seiyuu Nakamura Sakura goest to 29th Tank Fire Power Practice in Fuji. 20 Minutes.

Bandai Visual Club-BD 8,800 yen + tax.
Setting Book. 48 pages. B5 size. Full color.

Stores Exclusive:
- Animate, Gamers-B2 Tapestry. Top left, middle.
- Sofmap-New Box Art for Limited Edition BD.
- Yodobashi Camera- B2 Poster. Top right.
- Elsewhere-A3 Acrylic Poster. Bottom right.

Compilation of TV Series, This is the Real Anzio Battle!. 2 hours duration. BD 3,800 yen + tax. DVD 2,800 yen + tax.
Audio Commentary.
- BD only.
Military Commentary.

The Movie Cinematic Concert.


Final Chap.Ep.1 7.1 Audio in Theater. Illust Mini Signboard.

PO period: Until 31 January 2018.
Expected delivery: End of February ~ Early March 2018.
Material: Cordura Nylon(1,000 Denier).
Size: W42xH25x17(cm).
Price: 19,440 yen.