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Tales of 22th Anniversary Stream


- Tales of Asteria.
- Tales of The Rays.
- Celebrate Corner with Viva-kun.
- Tales of Festival & Tales of The Stage Hot Topics.

Right to left: Ludger, Mikleo, Luke, Lloyd seiyuu.




Asteria challenge.

User receive the above item x2.

New chapter-Mikleo.

Zelos seiyuu stars in CM.

Divine Judgment but he says it Divine Judgbento. Pun.

Asteria OST.

RT Campaign. 10,000 RT get Christmas Costume Sophie.

Already given to user. Velvet 4 koma ver.

RT Campaign #2. 10,000 RT get Christmas Costume Luke.

Step Up Summon.

Christmas Present Box.

Campaign #3 TBA

Mileena seiyuu-Terui Haruka.


The Rays character until 16 December 2017.

Next chara

Boss Vote #2. The winner is Mithos and will be playable.

Vote which scene to make into the game's Mithos Makyogi Illust.


Last chap. End of the year.

New Quest.

Theme Song

The Rays New Chapter

Main chara-Kocis.

Pre-reg campaign. If reached 220.000, will get Dist as playable chara.

Tales of VR Cafe~Cafe of Mileena~

GIRLFRIEND Video Message

The Rays Web Short Anime in 2018.

Special Login Bonus. From tomorrow(17). Message from Cless and Velvet.

Special Skit

Current Event for Link-Pajama Party.

Next Event-5 Star Lloyd, Choose Your Fav Chara Campaign. 50 Hero Gem as Present.

Sale. Bonus Avatar Set If Bought Tales of Zestiria/Berseria.

Tear in Tales of The Abyss Stage Play

Asch in Tales of The Abyss Stage Play



Official Site Open 18 December 2017.

16 June 2018 MC.

17 June 2018 MC.

Seiyuu Guest. Others TBA.

Official Site Open 18 December 2017.

User vote which Tales of.

The most voted for Tales of Tour.

No New Tales of Game Announcement........