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Star Ocean Program #21(1 Year Anniversary)

Belda seiyuu Izawa Shiori

New Feature: Awakening

Orange=Talent Skill, Blue=Battle Skill.

Flick to evade when in air.

Moves get power up.

New move: Soujin Kuuhazan.

Tweet which character you want to get Awakening with hashtag #アナムネシス, #たかあき覚醒

3 Boss Battle Event.

Daily login. 8 December - 28 December 2017.

Achievement. 7 December - 28 December 2017.


Get 1 Ace Character from the list.

Valkyrie Profile Collab #2. Also Lenneth, Silmeria came back in Gacha.

Collab.with Star Radiocean.

Vote which character you want to get Wedding costume from the candidate below. 14 December - 11 January 2018.

Original Costume Contest. All characters that's in the game until 30 November 2017.

New Stamp


Tweet which music you want with hashtag #アナムネシス、#小林の曲

Anamnesis get novelization

By Hataraku Maou-sama writer.

Line Sticker

Comic Market 93. 29 December - 31 December 10:00-17:00. Last day until 16:00.

Book. 168 pages. Fullcolor. A4 size. 5,000 yen.

Written by Hashimoto Shinji.

Tote Bag. 1,500 yen.

Acrylic Keyholder Set. Stamp A, B, C. 2,400 yen.

Real Size

Can Badge. 350 yen.

Dakimakura Cover. 15,000 yen.

Dakimakura Cover(Cushion Size). 5,800 yen.

Customer who bought 5,000 yen or more will get 1 random poster and Coro mask below.

akiman sign event. 31 December 2017 14:00. For customer who bought 10,000 yen or more.

Accessory for in game. Need to come to Comic Market to get it.

Next stream in December too.