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Mobius Final Fantasy #32 Live Stream

Paramitia New Year 2018 Event. 1 January 2018 - 16 January 2018 15:59 JST.

FF Record Keeper Multiplayer Quest- Deshi/Tyro Came Back

Job Quest. From 8 January 2018 16:00 JST.

Art by Mobius Art Director

X Collab.Event Chap.3 Part 2. 27 December 2017 16:00 JST.

X Collab. Chap.4 Concept Art

New EX Job-Gunshin. Limit Break will have same element as the weapon. 1 January 2018.

New Fairy. 1 January 2018.

New Chapter-Hametsu no Senshi Concept Art
Chara Design in Previous Live Stream:


- Around February 2018, Hikari no Senshi Chapter Digest Region.
- Around March 2018, Hametsu no Senshi Chapter Prologue.
- New Player can play Hametsu no Senshi Chapter directly.
- UI/Battle System will get renewed. UI/Battle System Hikari no Senshi Chap. and Hametsu no Senshi Chap. will be separated.

30th Anniversary Exhibition in Mori Art Museum, Tokyo Roppongi. 22 January 2018-28 December 2018.

Exhibition Concept Art.

Will get Ticket Clear File.

Login Present. Today 21:00-23:59 JST.

Christmas Present. Get 3 Summon Ticket until 31 December 2017 23:59 JST.