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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 English Patch

Download & patch instructions here:

This is a full translation project, including:

    Custom Font
    Story/NPC Dialog
    Network support
    In-game Image translations
    New localizations terms for monsters/items never used in English before.

How do I play this?
* You will need a 3DS that is running Luma CFW (custom firmware).
* Luma must be running the option to allow game patching.

How do I use the xDelta Patch?
* There are instructions above. You will need a dump of the game (physical or digital), decrypted, and the listed tools and means above to decompile, patch and recompile it.

What should I do if I can't patch this on my own?
* I'm sure we've all discussed "that site". Perhaps search on there for a copy, or one of the methods provided.

Are there any other options?
* Yes, here are all of the options you can use to play this game, with more methods details in later steps:
* NTR - just need raw files and LayeredFS Plugin
* CFW - cia install (requires pre patched and re-built)
* Flash Card - 3ds file (required pre-patched and re-built)

What about my old saves?
* Use JKSV, it's a very nice save import/export tool, to back up your original saves. They will have the Japanese Game ID, and so will this version (because we are not changing the game id for this release for any reason). It is always a good idea to do this, because you never know what may happen, as everyone has different versions or may acquire them somehow.

I'm confused about the version numbers... HELP!
Ok, it's fairly simple:
1) We have only released 1 patch, at version 1.0

2) The official game is always 1.0

3) The latest eShop update (at the time of writing this) is v1.1

4) Any numbers listed above for our changelog, or our releases are OUR numbers, not the official game version numbers.

Help, it still isn't working!
* Alright, my favorite point! If you are here, it is because you are running Sky3DS, Gateway, or some old form of homebrew or Hax. Our team spent lots of time on this project, so please... Take a few minutes and do some research. Update your "hax" method, and maybe even get on Boot9strap like the rest of us. Everyone seems to be running a different (old) FW version, old BIN files for the "hax" and old BINs for their Flash Cards. Consult others at that point, as they may have tested on that. We ONLY tested on B9S and A9LH at various points.

Where can it be purchased?
* Amazon -
* Ebay -