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Evangelion x Tweezers of Longinus

Core-shaped stand

 Normal sales (for all products except for the Titanium versions*) will begin after pre-ordered items have been shipped at the following prices.
・Tweezers of Longinus (Stainless version): 3600 Yen (Excluding Tax)
・Core stand: 1800 Yen (Excluding Tax)
Pre-order the Tweezers of Longinus to receive a free core stand! This deal will not be available during normal sales!

*The Titanium version will not be available for normal sale
Product name: Tweezers of Longinus
Series name: Evangelion
・Tweezers of Longinus (Stainless version) + Core stand set: 3600 Yen (Excluding Tax)
・Tweezers of Longinus (Titanium version) + Core stand set: 9259 Yen (Excluding Tax)
Release date: Planned for September 2017
・Tweezers: stainless steel / titanium
・Stand: acrylic