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Trails in the Sky FC Evolution English Patch

This patch provides a full English patch for Trails in the Sky FC Evolution (known as Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution in Japan). It applies the XSEED translation from the PC version of Trails in the Sky (with Evolution-exclusive content translated by our team). This patch would not exist without XSEED's translation; please buy the original game to support them: [Steam] [GOG] [Humble]. Compared to the original Trails in the Sky, the Evolution version includes the following changes:

    - Fully voiced story, with over 30,000 voiced lines
    - Redone artwork with more character portraits and event images
    - Arranged soundtrack
    - Text backlog
    - Hold X to speed up battles animations, cutscenes by 4x
    - Greatly improved text font
    - UI improvements

Known Issues
    - Text will sometimes overflow slightly past the text box (but it should never go off screen and be unreadable).
    - We do not fully support the games DLC with this patch. We have provided a work around for those who'd prefer to play the game with the original BGM which is stored in the game files. For item DLC, it's possible to switch the game to load mode 5 in Mai Dump Tool, start the game (which will be partially in Japanese) to redeem the items, save the game, then replace the eboot.bin with our patched eboot to restore the game to English. When loading the game, the item DLC will remain in the inventory.

System Requirements
To run this translation patch, you need:
    - A PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV running firmware version 3.60 or lower. For Vitas, buying from eBay is a good way to ensure that the version is 3.60 or lower and capable of running Henkaku, although they can be more expensive. For PSTVs, buying new on US Amazon seems to guarantee a firmware version below 3.60 and they are quite cheap at the moment.
    - A Japanese copy of Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution; physical or digital will work. It must be the Japanese version of the game, and it must be updated to the latest patch, version 1.02.

See the thread for installation: