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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night E3 Trailer

"We will be bringing a new playable demo to this year's E3. What you see here is part of the church stage, where you will be able to play the bell tower area of the map—it's a very nostalgic theme. The boss that awaits the player is a vampiric mistress, Bloodless, whose appearance might be altered in the future.

After the long lines we experienced at last year's E3, we made the play-time shorter and the difficulty level higher this time around. This is our first chance to implement many of the improvements we made to the gameplay based on what confused those original players. We also prepared Familiar shards in this demo.

In the trailer, we've added areas from the stages we've shown previously to demonstrate new visual changes to improve the gameplay experience. We will be picking up our development pace from here, but this is what our current development looks like.

Thank you for your continued support!"