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Assassination ClassroomVR Balloon Challenge Time/暗殺教室VR バルーンチャレンジの時間

About This Game
“Assassination Classroom” VR game is here!
Become a student in Class 3-E and take on Koro-sensei’s special balloon challenge!
Come and sharpen your assassination skills!

Koro-sensei who keeps running around the classroom will release different types of balloons.
Bursting yellow balloons and getting through the level is the top priority.
Among the balloons Koro-sensei releases,
some will give you extra points, and some will lead you to Koro-sensei’s pranks…
Use the best weapon for different types of balloons to get high scores!
Some balloons, if not bursted, will explode and end the game. Watch out!

Collaborate with your classmates to assassinate Koro-sensei!
Nagisa set traps in Special Stage to confine Koro-sensei’s movement!
Wait for the right chance to complete the assassination!