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Sen no Kiseki III/Cold Steel III Release Date Announced(Updated)

Release date is 28 September 2017.

Limited Edition KISEKI BOX:
- Sen no Kiseki 3 Original Soundtrack mini.
- Class VII Rubber Strap Full Set.
- 128 Pages Full Color Artbook.
- Original DLC「Invitation from Thors」

Characters from previous series:
- Agate Crosner.
- Tita Russell.

New Battle System:
- Direct Command.
Change Link Command to Direct Command with one button. Each button and d-pad have each command.

- Brave Order.
Can activate without using turn. When activated, all party get the effect.
Brave Order can be activated with BP.

- Style Change.
Exclusive to Juna Crawford.
She uses 2 weapons, Gun and Baton「Gun Breaker」.
When Juna turn comes, can change which mode to use. Striker Mode/Gunner Mode.